Tesla Model 3 update is a ‘mini Model S,’ MKBHD says

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Renowned tech reviewer and personality Marques Brownlee, also known simply as MKBHD, has finally gotten his hands on the updated Model 3 sedan, and a full review has him reminded of the Model S.

The new Model 3 has just recently started deliveries in the United States, but it has been available in China, Europe, and the Middle East for some time.

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It was time for Tesla to give the Model 3 a new look. Since its introduction in 2017, it has only gone through one slight “refresh,” which removed any chrome parts and a new center console, among other minor changes.

Most of the vehicle stayed the same. It was truly just a slight upgrade from the earliest versions and did not introduce any major changes from a cosmetic perspective, and most features from the early builds remained.

However, Tesla wanted something new with what was once called the “Model 3 Highland.” As the front end of the vehicle underwent what is perhaps the biggest overhaul in the new design, MKBHD has more thoughts than that.

The interior reminded him of the Model S, and this even had him go as far as saying that the new Model 3 is just a miniature version of Tesla’s flagship sedan.

He commented on what parts of the new Model 3 had him feeling this way:

Brownlee has been a solid contributor to early impressions of Tesla releases. He was among the first humans on Earth outside of Tesla to drive and handle a Cybertruck, and his review of that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of Tesla’s early pickup.

The Model 3, however, is a different animal. Tesla used this vehicle to launch itself into the mainstream, and it truly brought the company to light as both an innovator and a disruptor, as it was the main factor in many other automakers being forced to develop EVs.

Tesla currently does not offer a Performance configuration of the new Model 3, but it was already confirmed by the company that it was on its way in the future. We hope to see a separate review from MKBHD regarding that particular version of the new Model 3 to see what changes will be present in the new Performance variant.

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Tesla Model 3 update is a ‘mini Model S,’ MKBHD says
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