Meet Model X in Virtual Reality (VR)

The Model X is coming. Tesla kicked off its “Meet Model X” tour across the US and parts of Canada in recent weeks, giving hopeful buyers and fans the opportunity to see the SUV with wings up close and personal. But for those that can’t make it to the event, a video posted to YouTube allows one to experience the Model X in virtual reality using Google’s latest VR technology.

The 360 degree video provides an immersive feeling of being in the Model X’s cockpit style front seat crowned by an enormous panoramic windshield above. For those viewing from a desktop, use your mouse to rotate your point of view from within the front seat of the Model X.

However to obtain a true virtual reality effect, view the video from the YouTube app using your mobile device. Google cardboard users will have an even more immersive experience.


Once the stuff of science fiction, VR largely pioneered by now Facebook-owned Oculus will finally be within the reach of consumers this year. There’s a great interview conducted by Vanity Fair where Elon Musk eerily makes us question our own sense of reality because of VR. “It’s quite transformative. You really feel like you’re there.”



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