Multiple Tesla Cybertrucks sighted as anticipation builds for initial production

Image Credit: @ehreng/Twitter, u/RamboTrucker/Reddit, @DhalgrenMarquis/Twitter

When the Tesla Model Y was about to enter production, sightings of production beta units and release candidates of the all-electric crossover were reported frequently on social media. This now seems to be the case with the Tesla Cybertruck, as sightings of the all-electric pickup truck seem to be on the rise.

Tesla enthusiasts were recently able to capture photos and footage of several Tesla Cybertrucks in California. One particular unit, which was sighted in the Fremont Factory, reportedly looked like it came from heavy testing, as its liftgate was reportedly dented. Despite being beat up, the Cybertruck still stood out on the road.

Over at Mountain View, another Cybertruck sighting was reported. This time, it was not a single Cybertruck unit, but two, and they were captured on video. The two pickup trucks were being transported on a trailer pulled by a Dodge pickup truck. Unlike the Cybertruck that was sighted near the Fremont Factory, the two units at Mountain View looked fairly new

While the three Cybertrucks that were spotted being transported are already compelling enough, two units of the all-electric pickup truck that were covered in a camouflage wrap were also sighted in the Bay Area. Both vehicles featured a similar wrap, hinting that Tesla may be looking to offer its own custom wrapping service for the all-electric truck when it gets released. 

Considering the rising frequency of Cybertruck sightings online, the initial release of the highly-anticipated vehicle may indeed be at hand. And it’s not just sightings of the vehicle on public roads either. Over at Giga Texas, footage of apparent Cybertruck megacasts was captured by drone operators. Multiple Cybertruck-released job openings have also been opened in Giga Texas, suggesting that Tesla is truly preparing for the upcoming ramp of the all-electric pickup truck.

Two wrapped Cybertrucks spotted
by u/RamboTrucker in teslamotors

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Multiple Tesla Cybertrucks sighted as anticipation builds for initial production
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