Apparent Tesla Cybertruck rear megacasts spotted in Giga Texas

Image Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla Gigafactory Texas continues to show indications that it is about to start the initial production of the all-electric Cybertruck. During a recent drone flyover, an avid Tesla watcher was able to photograph dozens of apparent Cybertruck rear megacasts. 

Last December, a leaked image from Giga Texas provided a quick glimpse of the Cybertruck’s rear megacast. The leaked photo appeared to have been taken in the all-electric pickup truck’s production line, which was in its tooling phase then. EV enthusiasts were quite impressed by the leaked photo, as it appeared to show what could be yet another revolutionary megacast. 

Credit: Kim Java/Twitter

Images of what appears to be a similar component were recently sighted by longtime Giga Texas watcher Joe Tegtmeyer during a flyover on June 2. Piled up at the north end of the facility were several dozens of rear megacasts. The components were quite unlike the rear megacasts that are used in the Model Y, which is currently being produced at the facility. Instead, the megacasts looked like a dead ringer to the rear casting from the leaked image in December. 

In a way, it is no surprise to see Tesla producing samples of the Cybertruck’s megacasts at this stage, especially considering Elon Musk’s estimate that the vehicle could enter production later this year. Late last year, parts of the 9,000-ton Giga Press from IDRA, which Elon Musk confirmed would be used for the all-electric pickup truck, started arriving in Giga Texas. Footage and photographs from the previous month suggested that Tesla was already testing the production of the Cybertruck’s front megacast as well. 

Based on official images released by Tesla, the Cybertruck’s production line is being built out very well. Elon Musk suggested as much in April, when he noted that he walked the whole production line at Giga Texas for several hours. Musk seemed very optimistic after his visit, noting that the vehicle was “gonna be awesome” and that it “feels like the future.”

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Apparent Tesla Cybertruck rear megacasts spotted in Giga Texas
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