Musk continues to “anti-sell” Tesla Model 3, upgrade to latest Model S

While most people were either watching the Billboard Music Awards or reading about the never-ending political news here in the U.S., Elon Musk was busy Tweeting with Tesla customers and enthusiasts on Sunday night. As he addressed a massive field of questions from his 8.7M followers, one thing remains clear – he wants Model 3 reservation holders to consider purchasing the bigger, better and more luxurious Model S, and existing Model S owners to upgrade to the most current version.

Musk has always made an effort to make his vehicles “upgradable” over the years. Whether it’s upgrading the Model S or Model X through major software updates or the Roadster through a Roadster 3.0 long-range battery upgrade, Musk certainly thinks of both his current and past customers. But, when it comes to the Model S with Autopilot 1.0, Musk reaffirms his position that those vehicles will not be upgradable to Autopilot 2.0 hardware. Stating that Autopilot 1.0 hardware, “doesn’t have enough sensors and computing power” to handle full self-driving capabilities.

Additionally, Musk urged an early Model S owner to upgrade to the latest version of the Model S, which he states is now version 4. Since Tesla launched the Model S, they have expanded battery offerings, increased Supercharging speed, refined interior trim options and quality, added all-wheel drive, and most notably added Autopilot. Unlike other automakers, Tesla doesn’t change or add new features for “year models”. Rather, they continue to update the vehicle with new capabilities and options, consistently, and regardless of timing.

Aside from the Model S being the company’s flagship sedan with the most advanced features, Musk also reminds us that the vehicle has far more room for passengers and drivers, as noted in the Model 3 vs. Model S specification sheet. The Model 3 is slated to be about 20% smaller than the Model S. It is worth noting that Tesla has taken steps to make the interior of the car bigger than its competition, by making the rear roof of the vehicle entirely of glass and by shrinking the size of the dash while moving the driver closer to the windshield.

If it wasn’t clear before that Tesla is “anti-selling” the Model 3, it is now. Musk is making it very clear that Model 3 reservation holders should consider purchasing a Model S or X. The company’s latest referral program gives new buyers a last chance at receiving free unlimited Supercharging for life. While Model 3 will certainly be an incredible vehicle that will best of breed within its category, Musk has claimed that the Model S and X will always be Tesla’s most advanced vehicles on the road.

Musk continues to “anti-sell” Tesla Model 3, upgrade to latest Model S
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