Nikola Tre tapped by PGT Trucking for dedicated zero-emissions transport route

Credit: PGT Trucking

PGT Trucking, a flatbed transportation company, has announced that it is employing a Class 8 zero-emissions truck to provide transport services to Steel Dynamics, one of the largest steel producers in the United States. Based on photos provided by PGT in its press release, the truck that is being used to transport cargo to Steel Dynamics is the Nikola Tre. 

The inaugural run of the Nikola Tre was held on August 1, 2023, with the Class 8 all-electric truck facilitating the movement of materials between Steel Dynamics’ galvanizing locations in Pittsburgh. Gregg Troian, PGT Trucking President, proved excited about the initiative. 

“PGT Trucking is extremely proud to have successfully launched our first dedicated run for Steel Dynamics using Nikola’s Class 8 battery-electric vehicle. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative and sustainable transportation solutions, and this service offering will lead to a greener future for both the trucking and steel industries,” Troian said. 

While the use of the Nikola Tre for its operations provides PGT Trucking with some positive optics, the use of the zero-emissions truck does offer some benefits to the transportation provider. As noted by PGT Trucking in a press release, the utilization of the Nikola Tre for short-haul deliveries is estimated to but carbon emissions by over 105,000 pounds annually. 

Steel Dynamics Vice President of Environmental Sustainability Jeff Hansen emphasized the collaborative drive towards emission reduction projects. “Our entrepreneurial, innovative teams support our decarbonization efforts through identifying and implementing emission reduction projects throughout our organization. Working as a team, we will achieve our decarbonization goals,” Hansen said. 

PGT has ambitious goals for a sustainable future. Apart from the adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles, the company is also engaging in the exploration of alternative energy sources and the integration of sustainable best practices. With such initiatives, PGT is aiming to hit a 35% reduction in emissions from company-owned equipment by 2025.

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Nikola Tre tapped by PGT Trucking for dedicated zero-emissions transport route
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