NVIDIA Drive Thor chip to power next-generation autonomous service vehicles

(Credit: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA’s Drive Thor chip is set to power many next-generation autonomous service vehicles over the next few years. Several service vehicle developers, providers, and manufacturers plan to integrate NVIDA’s Drive Thor chip into their upcoming robotaxis and delivery vehicles. 

In a recent announcement, the software company said that many automakers and fleet owners will use Drive Thor for long-haul trucks, delivery vehicles, and robotaxis. 

For example, Nuro will use NVIDIA’s Drive Thor to power its Nuro Driver™ autonomous driving system. Nuro develops level 4 autonomous driving technology for commercial and consumer vehicles. It partners with leading brands, such as Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Domino’s.

Another company, Waabi, is using NVIDIA’s Drive Thor to deliver an AI-powered autonomous trucking solution. Waabi plans to integrate Drive Thor into Waabi Driver, its AI-first autonomy stack. The company claims that Waabi Driver was developed with production in mind from day one. 

NVIDIA’s Drive Thor chip wields 2,000 teraflops of performance. It unifies intelligent functions in a single architecture, including automated and assisted driving/parking, driver and occupant monitoring, digital instrument cluster, in-vehicle infotainment, and rear-seat entertainment. Drive Thor’s single architecture allows for greater efficiency and less overall system cost.

“The next-generation super chip comes packed with the cutting-edge AI capabilities first introduced in the NVIDIA Hopper™ Multi-Instance GPU architecture, along with the NVIDIA Grace™ CPU and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU. 

“Drive Thor with MIG support for graphics and compute uniquely enables IVI and advanced driver-assistance systems to run domain isolation, which allows concurrent time-critical processes to run without interruption. Available for automakers’ 2025 models, it will accelerate production roadmaps by bringing higher performance and advanced features to market in the same timeline,” stated NVIDIA back in September 2022.

NVIDIA is also expanding its collaborations with Chinese automakers through Drive Thor. BYD, Li Motors, and Xpeng all plan to utilize the power of NVIDIA’s Drive Thor chip in their next-generation vehicles. 

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NVIDIA Drive Thor chip to power next-generation autonomous service vehicles
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