Tesla community outraged after Model X spotted occupying three Supercharger stalls

A Model X with bike in tow is seen occupying three Supercharger stalls at the Newark, DE station. The photo has gone viral sparking outrage across much of the Tesla online community.

A sighting this past weekend of a multi-coat red Model X occupying three Supercharger stalls has the Tesla owners community in an uproar. Photos posted online across Tesla’s Facebook page, Reddit and the Tesla Owners Worldwide Facebook group show a Model X with bike in tow parked horizontally across three of twelve Supercharging stalls located at the Delaware Welcome Center in Newark, DE.

One of the photos (shown above) courtesy of dirtyfries via Reddit has generated over 100 comments many of which are choice words for the Model X driver. Similar sentiments resonate across Facebook with many calling the act an inconsiderate and DB (acronym) thing to do.

But among all of the predominantly negative comments, a rare few have come to the Model X driver’s defense by noting the level of difficulty involved when reversing into a Supercharger stall, especially with a bike rack mounted to the back of the vehicle. Some speculate that perhaps the driver was even being considerate by not wanting to risk damage to the Supercharging stall when backing in.

Regardless of the reason, the bold move by the Model X driver has sparked outrage amongst the Tesla community during a time when there’s already high sensitivity and large concern over the increase in Supercharger congestion. With Tesla aiming to produce 500k vehicles in two years time and 1 million by 2020, the company has said it will double the number of Superchargers and quadruple the number of destination chargers in anticipation of its mass-market Model 3. Still that hasn’t stopped existing Tesla owners and Model 3 reservation holders from thinking about ways to best alleviate Supercharger congestion.

No matter what the solution will ultimately be, be it the robotic charging snake or valet service at popular charging stations, there will never be a better substitute for consideration and care for others.

Newark Supercharger

12 Tesla Supercharger stalls at the Newark, DE station

Tesla community outraged after Model X spotted occupying three Supercharger stalls
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