Penske adds high-powered electric yard trucks from Orange EV to fleet offering

Credit: Orange EV

Penske Truck Leasing announced today it would add a series of Orange EV electric terminal trucks to its fleet of leasable electric vehicles in the United States. Orange EV manufactures powerful terminal trucks suitable for trailer-handling operations in truck yards, warehousing and distribution centers, container terminals, and related operations where short-distance moves are required.

Penske teamed up with Orange EV to expand its electrified and sustainable vehicle offerings. The company wanted more electric options for various commercial activities, as it recently added a fleet of E-Transit vans from Ford to its fleet.

“As we continue furthering our relationship with Orange EV and after spending significant time understanding this equipment’s capabilities, we are very pleased to make it a new product offering for our sales force in the U.S,” Penske Truck Leasing Senior VP of Procurement and Fleet Planning, Paul Rosa, said. “We currently have several customers placing orders for these units and taking delivery of their equipment.”

Orange EV’s trucks combine high-powered vehicles suitable for heavy equipment lifting and other short-distance, high-energy usage tasks with sustainable vehicle features. The trucks offer zero tailpipe emissions with regenerative braking that offers a 50 percent shorter stopping distance. Additionally, the vehicles can operate up to 24 hours on a single charge, and have a digital cab architecture for a modern feel and remote diagnostic capabilities for easier maintenance.

“Orange EV recognizes Penske’s leadership and is proud to help further their sustainability initiatives,” Orange EV CEO Wayne Mathisen said. “Together we’re helping Penske customers unlock the many benefits of electric by introducing more reliable, cost-effective, zero-emission trucks into their operations.”

Penske plans to display the Orange EV electric terminal truck, along with other EVs, at its booth at the 2022 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California.

Orange EV said on its website that electric yard trucks are heavily advantageous for many reasons:

“While over-the-road heavy-duty electric trucks are still being developed, pure electric yard trucks are already ramped up and providing well-established benefits: they’re more comfortable to drive than their diesel counterparts, have lower operating costs, and produce zero emissions. And hard data from these deployments prove that electric yard trucks can pencil out in short order, even without incentives.”

The company said it has over 400 trucks deployed across the United States in harsh climates, 24 x 7 operations, and all sectors of goods movement. “Given their compelling benefits and lower total cost of ownership, electric yard trucks are well on their way to becoming the industry standard. The time to switch is now,” the company said.

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Penske adds high-powered electric yard trucks from Orange EV to fleet offering
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