[Podcast] Model 3 Unveil: “We didn’t want to go anyway”

Show description:

“The upcoming Tesla Model 3 event? Mel and Tom didn’t want to go anyway. Or perhaps they are just really really wounded about not receiving an invite. One week before the Model 3 launch, Tesla Communications Director, Ricardo Reyes steps down. Tom and Mel discuss their theories. In happy news, Tom tells us about the Toyota/YellowstoneLamar Buffalo Ranch Battery Project, and the proof of concept behind it. Tesla announces they will increase the amount of Tesla Charging stations in Manhattan to 105 by March 31st, which will mean Tesla chargers will outnumber gas stations 3:1. Tom predicts a future where Model 3s could be most common New York Taxi cab. The 10 kWh Powerwall battery has been discontinued. Mel is upset. They do some math. Just because they can.”

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