Prenzler Survey Finds 92% of Tesla Owners Will Buy Again

A recent survey from Prenzler Digital Media shows that Tesla owners are extremely satisfied with their purchase, with 92% indicating that they would purchase another Tesla in the future. 55% of existing owners will buy a Model 3.

The results are based on 292 responses coming from Prenzler’s 22 question 2016 survey and compared with similar Tesla surveys conducted by the media agency in 2013 and 2014.

According to the survey, customer satisfaction measured by how many respondents said they would consider buying or leasing another Tesla, rose from 81% in 2013 to 92% in 2016. Here is a chart of the survey’s customer satisfaction findings.

Prenzler satisfaction survey results

The Prenzler survey based on 292 responses found that the average Tesla owner has an annual income of $271,000, down from $290,000 in 2013. 88% are males. The average age is between 35 and 50. For 91% of owners, their Tesla is the most expensive car they have ever purchased. That number is up from 65% in 2014.

Now that they have experienced what owning an electric car is like, only 24% say they would consider purchasing a gas powered car again. One interesting statistic from the survey is that 55% of respondents report they plan on purchasing a Model 3 once that car becomes available.

The Prenzler survey finds that cars equipped with larger battery packs have higher rates of non-routine service — 59% vs. 45% on pack sizes below 85kWh. 93% of vehicles surveyed were Model S sedans while 7% were Model X SUVs.

Prenzler found that the average sales price is somewhat lower than the price difference between various battery options. That suggests some customers may opt to buy a car with a smaller battery pack in order to add more options.

Vehicles with dual motors show less than average non-routine service — 42% vs. 55%. Part of the reason for that finding may be the higher build quality of newer cars.

The findings from the Prenzler survey are in line with those reported by British publication Auto Express. In its most recent survey, it found that Teslas have the highest customer satisfaction rating ever recorded — 97.46%. That caused Elon Musk to share the results on his Twitter account.

No matter what survey you look at, Tesla owners are very happy with their cars. That’s the statistic that should be keeping other auto company executives awake at night.

Results courtesy of Prenzler Digital Media. Published with permission.
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