Reddit co-founder calls Tesla Cybertruck ‘first car that feels comfortable’

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Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and husband of tennis star Serena Williams, has been confirmed to be one of the first to receive a Cybertruck since its release. The entrepreneur has now noted that it’s especially comfortable for “big fellas” like himself.

In a statement to The Verge, Ohanian called the Tesla Cybertruck the first vehicle to feel comfortable for him, given his huge 6-foot-5-inch stature (via Business Insider). Ohanian also added that the unique electric vehicle (EV) handles even better than his Model X and has a particularly “futuristic feeling,” later comparing it to the APC in the movie “Aliens.”

“As a big fella, this is the first car that really feels comfortable to me,” Ohanian said in a statement to The Verge’s Command Line.

He has also shared some of his initial thoughts on X over the last several days, noting that his model is a Cyberbeast tri-motor configuration and showing off the decal he had put on for his and Williams’s golf team, the Los Angeles Golf Club. In addition, he said the Cybertruck ran smoothly and smells nice, alongside a short video.

Ohanian also confirmed that the Cybertruck is a Foundation Series model, and the third one delivered, when one user pointed to what appeared to be the corresponding badge in a photo. He also noted that he has named it “Cerberus” after the “beast” owned by Hades in Greek mythology, and that he and Williams are still loyal to the Lincoln brand, despite the high praise for the Cybertruck.

You can see more photos from Ohanian in the post on X below.

The news comes after Tesla began deliveries of the Cybertruck at a Gigafactory Texas delivery event on November 30, in which the automaker delivered roughly 12 of the vehicle’s initial units. Tesla has since opened up deliveries to a limited number of buyers, who can choose between two all-wheel-drive configurations, including a dual-motor option or the tri-motor “Cyberbeast.”

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Reddit co-founder calls Tesla Cybertruck ‘first car that feels comfortable’
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