Tesla launches business in new Middle East country

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Tesla has launched its business in a new Middle Eastern country, marking the fourth in the region where it is selling its electric cars.

Tesla announced today that it has officially started selling vehicles in Qatar, a small peninsular country that sits between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The electric automaker launched its vehicle configurator in the country this morning, offering the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y to potential buyers in the country.

Tesla also operates in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, as the four countries are currently the only places in the Middle East where customers can buy the company’s vehicles.

Model S

Tesla is offering two Model S configurations in Qatar, the Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive and the Plaid. Both slated for delivery from February to March of next year, the Model S will be built in Fremont and shipped to customers in Qatar.

  • Tesla Model S – Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive – QAR 314,990 or $86,511.97
  • Tesla Model S – Tri-Motor All-Wheel-Drive Plaid – QAR 359,990 or $98,871.22

Model 3

Tesla is offering the Model 3’s new design in Qatar as it launched earlier this year with a new design in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Known as the Highland Model 3, it features new exterior and interior designs and features. This vehicle will come from China, being built at Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai.

  • Tesla Model 3 – Rear-Wheel-Drive – QAR 164,990 or $45,314.49
  • Tesla Model 3 – Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive – QAR 184,990 or $50,807.49

Tesla Model X

The Model X offerings are the same as the Model S, and its journey to Qatar customers will be identical. Delivery is expected between February and March.

  • Tesla Model X – Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive – QAR 334,990 or $92,004.97
  • Tesla Model X – Tri Motor All-Wheel-Drive – QAR 379,990 or $104,364.22

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y that is being shipped to Qatar is likely coming from Germany at Gigafactory Berlin based on the paint colors the automaker is offering for this vehicle. Both Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver are available for the car, which is developed only at Gigafactory Berlin.

Three configurations of the Model Y are being offered in Qatar. Deliveries are expected to occur between February and March for all three trims.

  • Tesla Model Y – Rear-Wheel-Drive – QAR 184,990 or $50,807.49
  • Tesla Model Y – Long Range All-Wheel-Drive – QAR 204,990 or $56,300.48
  • Tesla Model Y – Performance All-Wheel-Drive – QAR 229,990 or $63,166.73

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Tesla launches business in new Middle East country
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