Tesla readies Cybertruck buyers to ‘Prepare for Delivery’

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is readying Cybertruck buyers to “Prepare for Delivery” in a new message to owners that the automaker communicated over the weekend.

Just a few weeks ago, the Cybertruck was first delivered by Tesla at a dedicated event in Texas. A few lucky people were invited to take the first units, and we are seeing those people with their Cybertrucks in public pretty regularly now.

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Tesla officially listed a few configurations for first deliveries in 2024, as the Dual and Tri-Motor “CyberBeast” trims are set to be delivered next year. They are the only Cybertrucks to receive EPA certifications, with the Single Motor being delayed until 2025. It was the least ordered trim level when Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019.

For the past few days, Tesla has been alerting some reservation holders to configure their reservations, specifically for the “Foundation Series” of the Cybertruck, which will feature special badging and a premium price.

Now, Tesla is alerting those who configured reservations to “Prepare for Delivery:”

Tesla has about three weeks left to potentially start deliveries of the Cybertruck’s Foundation Series outside of the delivery event. It appeared that some bigger names agreed to take delivery at the event, but these would be the first among the normal, everyday people.

Tesla slated first deliveries for 2024, but that does not mean that they will not complete at least a few more before the end of the year. Known for pushing for an excessive number of deliveries in the fourth quarter to reach yearly production goals, Tesla is well aware that every unit counts for something, especially as a lackluster Q3 due to production line upgrades has it reaching and pushing for its 1.8 million unit delivery goal.

We expect the bulk of Cybertruck deliveries to begin next year, but it would not be a surprise if Tesla was able to get a few more units in customers’ hands before the end of the year, especially with how hellbent it has been on reaching delivery and production goals in the past.

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Tesla readies Cybertruck buyers to ‘Prepare for Delivery’
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