Rivian tests Dual-Motor powertrain on icy Alaskan roads

(Credit: RJScaringe)

Rivian tested its Dual-Motor powertrain on Alaska’s icy roads—and it looked like a blast. Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe shared a short clip showing an R1T with a Dual-Motor Powertrain skidding through ice and snow in Alaska. 

“The team out in Alaska, completing validation on our Dual-Motor powertrain, coming soon :)” tweeted Scaringe. 

The electric vehicle company first mentioned R1T and R1S Dual-Motor deliveries in late December 2022. It sent letters to reservation holders about Dual-Motor AWD units. Rivian noted that it would offer two versions: a standard Dual-Motor AWD and an enhanced Dual-Motor AWD. 

In February, Rivian announced that R1S Max Pack + Dual Motor deliveries would start in Fall 2023. At the time, the R1S Max Pack + Dual Motor configuration had a projected range of up to 390 miles, depending on the battery pack.

According to Rivian’s configuration page, the R1T Dual Motor AWD can run 0-60 mph in as fast as 4.5 seconds. It comes with the Adventure package automatically. Rivian R1T Dual Motor AWD customers may upgrade to the All-Terrain Package for an additional $3,850. The All-Terrain upgrade includes a 20” All-Terrain wheel, underbody protections, and a matching spare tire. 

The Dual-Motor R1T is compatible with Rivian’s three battery pack offerings. The Standard Pack comes at no additional charge to the customer and yields a range of 270 miles. The Large Pack will cost an additional $6,000 for an R1T range of up to 350 miles. Lastly, the Max Pack delivers a range of up to 400 miles for a whopping $16,000 extra. 

The company offers nearly the same upgrades for the R1S Dual-Motor AWD. Like the R1T, R1S customers can choose between the Adventure Package or the All-Terrain upgrade. However, upgrading to the All-Terrain package for the R1S is a little cheaper than the R1T at $3,600. 

The R1S Dual-Motor AWD can do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and is compatible with two battery packs. The Standard battery pack offers 260 miles of range at no additional cost. The Large pack costs an additional $6,000 for 340 miles of range. 

The starting price of a Rivian R1T Dual-Motor AWD with an estimated range of 270 miles is $73,000. Meanwhile, the Rivian R1S Dual-Motor AWD costs $78,000 before options and with an estimated range of 260 miles.

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Rivian tests Dual-Motor powertrain on icy Alaskan roads
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