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Rivian EDV wins over Amazon employee’s first impressions

Credit: Friday Adventure Club

An Amazon delivery driver has posted their first impressions of Rivian’s Electric Delivery Van (EDV), showing many advantages over its ICE counterpart.

Via his YouTube channel Friday Adventure Club, a Seattle-based Amazon delivery driver posted his first impressions of the new Rivian EDV and praised its advantages over its ICE-powered counterparts. The driver loved the added storage capacity, the digital dash and center display, and the van’s keyless operation.

The video starts with the driver describing the different versions of the Rivian EDV that Amazon will be using; the EDV 500, the EDV 700, and the EDV 900. The 500 is the smallest of the vans (~20 feet long), while the 900 (~27 feet long) is the largest. From the graphic posted on the screen, the driver shows that the 500 and 700 will have the longest range, 150 miles max each, while the 900 will only be capable of 120 miles max. The vehicle he was able to explore is the 700, the ~23-foot van.

Rivian Van Variants and their specifications. Credit: Friday Adventure Club

The EDV offers many advantages over the previous gas-powered Ford Transit vans. The Rivian EDV is quieter, helps prevent air pollution, and operates cheaply due to the electric drivetrain. These benefits apply to the driver, the communities they deliver to, and Amazon simultaneously.

More delivery driver-specific upgrades the driver talks about include the more extensive rear storage with two sets of shelves, the digital dash and center screen that sync with the mobile delivery tablet; giving the driver a constant stream of directions, and the van’s key fob that latches to the driver’s vest; making the experience simpler and more streamlined.

More minor upgrades include the 360-degree tcamera setup that allows for easier maneuverability of the van, the one-pedal driving mode, and the durable purpose-built interior design.

The video was not all praise as the driver notes that, due to the lower ground clearance, multiple drivers have already bottomed out the vehicle going over speed bumps, and one such driver damaged the battery, forcing the van to be towed.

The driver was excited about the apparent upgrades over the previous gas vans. And some of the revelations are quite surprising; the lack of a 360 camera in the gas vans, the surprising lack of storage compared to the electric van, and the synced center screen seem like obvious upgrades.

With Ford’s sales report from July stating that Ford controls “over 95% of the electric van market”, Rivian faces a competent opponent in the E-Transit.

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Rivian EDV wins over Amazon employee’s first impressions
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