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Ford’s EV sales grow over 168 percent in July, second-best EV brand in U.S.

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Ford’s electric vehicle sales grew over 168 percent in July compared to the same month last year. The automaker’s July 2022 EV delivery figures were good enough for second-best in sales for the month in the United States behind only Tesla.

According to Ford’s press release, EV sales this July are up 168.7% compared to last year. More specifically, the brand saw EV sales rise by 168.7% compared to the previous year, Mach-E sales increased by 74.1%, the Lightning delivered the most vehicles per month yet, and E-Transit sales grew by 13.9% in the commercial market and 46.3% in government sales. The E-Transit owns 95 percent of the electric van segment, Ford said.

Ford’s EV production has increased as the company now offers the F-150 Lightning, which it did not sell until this year. Deliveries began on May 26, 2022.

Ford’s sales from July make them “America’s #1 Brand,” and their EV sales “outpaced segment,” which has become the norm at Ford. Over the past six months, the Detroit-based company has grown EV sales with consistency.

“F-Series hit the 60,000-truck mark for the first time this year, with our all-new electric F-150 Lightning having its best sales month yet,” Andrew Frick, Ford’s VP of Sales, Distribution & Trucks under the “Ford Blue” division, said. “Ford SUVs were up 70 percent, while E-Transit leads the electric van space with 95 percent of the electric van segment.”

In June of this year, Ford saw a 76.6% growth in EV sales compared to last year. In May, they grew EV sales by 221.5%. In April, they grew sales by 139%. In March, sales increased by 16.9%. In February, sales grew by 55.3%. And in January, sales grew by 167.2%.

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Ford’s EV models helped the brand to grow overall sales by 36.6% compared to last year and 7.7% compared to June of this year. The company’s overall share of the EV market is expanding as the company established 10.9 percent of EV sales in the U.S. in July. The company only held a 7.7 percent market share in Q2, with 4.4 percent in Q1. The automaker continues to see more growth with its electrified models, which are contributing to unprecedented levels of interest from consumers.

Other brands have not been able to replicate Ford’s sales success this month. According to their respective sales reports released for July, Honda America sales were down 47.4% compared to last year, Toyota North America sales down 21.2%, Subaru America sales down by 17.1%, and Mazda sales down by 28.5%. While most manufacturers no longer provide monthly sales reports, these results indicate a possible trend of electrified sales siphoning away from ICE alternatives.

It isn’t obvious what is defining Ford’s success in the market right now, but their wide selection of EVs fitting a variety of lifestyles and needs certainly isn’t hurting them. Many are wondering how long this growth will continue, but for now, Ford is on a great path to success.

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Ford’s EV sales grow over 168 percent in July, second-best EV brand in U.S.
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