Rivian adds Pet Comfort mode in newest OTA update

Due to popular demand, Rivian has rolled out its dedicated Pet Comfort feature. With the function in place, drivers of the R1T and R1S would be able to leave their pets in their vehicles without any fear of the cabin getting too hot or uncomfortable.

As noted by Rivian in a new post on its official website, Pet Comfort is one of the most customer-requested features among its customer base. Thanks to the R1T and R1S’ over-the-air software update capabilities, the pet-friendly feature was rolled out to vehicles through a simple software update.

To access Pet Comfort in the R1T or R1S, drivers would have to tap the paw icon in the upper right corner of the main climate control screen. Provided that the pickup truck or SUV still has over 50 miles of range and is in Park, drivers could set the temperature in the cabin between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

This cabin temperature would be maintained until Pet Comfort is disabled by the driver or until the vehicle’s battery is completely depleted. Considering the size of Rivian’s batteries, however, drivers could rest assured that their pets are as safe and comfortable as possible even for long periods of time.

Once Pet Comfort is engaged, Rivian’s Gear Guard character appears on the infotainment system with a message clearly indicating that the pets inside the vehicle are comfortable and safe. This should be enough to deter well-meaning people who are willing to break vehicle windows because they believe a pet inside is overheating.

It should be noted that Rivian’s Pet Comfort feature has some restrictions as well. If an R1T or R1S has less than 50 miles of range left, the feature could not be engaged. Rivian is also quick to point out that Pet Comfort is designed and should only be used for animals and thus should not be used for children at any time.

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Rivian adds Pet Comfort mode in newest OTA update
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