Rivian R1T charging status light bar spotted in the wild

(Credit: Jessefive)

Rivian’s status charging light bar was seen in action while an R1T pickup truck was charging in an Electrify America station in Glendale, CA.

A clear picture of Rivian’s status charging light bar was shared on the Rivian forums. The status charging bar would probably be of most use if the driver and passengers were outside and didn’t have any other way to check the vehicle’s charging status. Rivian’s status charging light bar does work like the battery symbol most people refer to on their phones to see if they need to charge. So it might be a feature owners are comfortable with when trying to gauge the state of their vehicle’s battery.

Besides the status charging bar, Rivian R1T owners could also use the Rivian App to monitor their charging. The app will be available for download in early September before R1T deliveries begin.

Rivian R1T owners would probably find the status charging bar useful as they go through their adventures and stop at various charging networks. Rivian plans to build out its own charging infrastructure over the next few years.

In a letter to R1T preorder holders, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe shared the company’s goals for its charging network. Rivian aims to install more than 3,500 fast DC chargers at 600 sites in its Rivian Adventure Network. The company also plans to build out a Rivian Waypoints Network, which will feature at least 10,000 Level 2 AC chargers similar to Tesla’s Destination Chargers.

“We also remain focused on building out our charging network – this includes our fast DC chargers that are part of our Rivian Adventure Network as well as our Level 2 AC chargers/connectors that are part of our Rivian Waypoints network,” wrote Scaringe in his letter.

(Credit: Jessefive)

“You will start to see more of these pop up over the next few months, and by the end of the year the buildout will start expanding quite rapidly,” the CEO wrote.

Rivian’s charging network seems to be taking a page out of Tesla. Tesla’s Supercharger Network boasts more than 25,000 Supercharger installations worldwide. A JD Power study on US electric Vehicle Experience revealed that Tesla’s Destination Chargers and Supercharger Network rank the highest among user experiences.

In an interview with Teslarati, Recurrent CEO Scott Case stated that charging networks could affect the value of an electric vehicle. For instance, Tesla’s Supercharger Network increased the usability of its cars, making them more valuable.

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Rivian R1T charging status light bar spotted in the wild
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