Rivian R1T trucks spotted in Argentina for EV adventure travel show: report

(Image: Autoblog Argentina)

Getting a glimpse of any Rivian vehicle outside their show models is pretty rare, and even then it’s usually just a test mule with another manufacturer’s body wrap. However, Rivian fans are in for a treat this week as two additional R1T all-electric trucks were spotted in Ushuaia, Argentina.

The white-bodied pickup models recently arrived in the country and are reportedly going to be part of an adventure travel show starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. Previous projects by the duo involved trekking through various locations around the world on motorcycles, one titled Long Way Round, the other Long Way Down. This newest show will be called Long Way Up and involves electric motorcycles, specifically the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, and it will document McGregor and Boorman traveling from Argentina through Los Angeles, according to Argentinian publication Autoblog. The trip will possibly go as far as Alaska, depending on various factors.

Rivian R1T pickup trucks spotted in Argentina. (Credit: Juan Guillermo/Instagram)

A few new R1T features seen were noted by RivianForums user jimcgov3 who posted images of the truck originally from Juan Guillermo Bauer’s Instagram side-by-side with Rivian’s images. First, the two models seen in Argentina appear to be prototype models vs. the show models specifically described as what the R1T will look like in final production by various Rivian team members. The one photo showing the inside of the truck’s cabin has generic buttons throughout both the steering wheel and the center console. Next, the charge port on the vehicle is on the driver’s side after being on the passenger’s side in Rivian’s concept images. Tow hooks have also been added to the front bumper, and the “Black Mountain” interior coloring seems to be appearing for the first time. Finally, an R1T tailgate logo looks to have made its debut for the long trip.

Rivian R1T pickup trucks spotted in Argentina. (Credit: Autoblog Argentina)

A video posted by Autoblog of the R1T trucks arriving in Ushuaia had a bit of a Jurassic Park-style feel to it, tying well with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe’s prior references to self-driving ‘Jurassic Park’ tours with their vehicles, although the lack of velociraptors in the shipments ties for both cool and uncool. It does appear that a gas-powered caravan will be following the show, but a Ford F-150 Raptor isn’t part of the crew. For the record, an F-350 will be tagging along for support as well as a few vans. Filming is said to begin next week.

As Rivian gears up for full production, a few features of the upcoming R1T have been teased as has factory progress. In July, the company’s official Twitter account touted its manufacturing progress with photos of several stamped metal frames for the truck hanging on racks inside one of their facilities. “Busy making metal!” the company posted as a caption alongside three images. Also revealed in the photos was Rivian’s logo stamped on the parts, a nod to their attention to detail.

Earlier this month, the company’s Twitter account also revealed several roof options that would be available for the R1T. “We will offer multiple roof styles including electrochromic glass (which turns from opaque to transparent on demand), a fixed glass panel, a two-piece removable composite roof and a standard fixed roof,” the company replied in response to a related question. The electrochromic roofs on the current demo R1T and R1S are controlled from the main infotainment screen, as has been shown by Rivian team members during trade and auto show appearances.

Rivian R1T trucks spotted in Argentina for EV adventure travel show: report
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