First screen going up at Tesla’s drive-in theater, diner and Supercharger

Credit: u/Fun-Organization8281 | Reddit

Tesla is continuing construction on its upcoming Supercharger, diner and drive-in theater project in Los Angeles, California, with the latest photo showing one of the screens starting to be built.

In a photo shared on Reddit last week, you can see the first screen under construction at the LA Supercharger site, located on the northern side of the parking lot. Another screen is expected to be constructed on the western side, both of which will be playing clips from some of the best movies of all time, according to the project’s original vision from CEO Elon Musk.

Along with the screen being built at the 7001 West Santa Monica Boulevard Supercharger, the diner building has been making progress in recent months, with the recent photo also showing the deck level sporting a somewhat complete floor.

One source told Teslarati that they spoke to a welder on-site who said the west screen can’t be constructed until the power lines on that side of the property are removed, for which AT&T is reportedly responsible.

Credit: u/Fun-Organization8281 | Reddit

Tesla broke ground on the Supercharger, diner and drive-in theater project in late September, after we reported on a series of permit approvals for the West Hollywood site throughout much of last year. Although the site was originally expected to be built in Santa Monica, Tesla settled on building the project in Hollywood in 2022, now set to include around 32 charging stalls.

Many have created renders for the Supercharger and diner site over the years, though the site plans and construction most closely resemble designs created by X user HowardModelS. The site concept includes the round, multi-level diner building that now be seen being built, as well as several Superchargers and a screen.

The restaurant is also branded “Milliways” in the render, after the The Restaurant at the End of the Universe in the Douglas Adams novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — long known to be a favorite of Musk’s.

Below you can see the full approval for the Supercharger, diner and drive-in theater from the City of Los Angeles, including the site plans at the end of the document.

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First screen going up at Tesla’s drive-in theater, diner and Supercharger
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