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Singapore considers new law to expand EV charging network

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Singapore’s government is considering implementing new laws that would require new buildings to install electric vehicle charging stations in at least 1 percent of parking spaces. The laws would help supplement EV adoption in the country and ensure there are enough charging stations available as the market share of electric cars increases.

The restrictions will apply to have EV chargers plugged into the electricity grid, mobile chargers, and battery charge and swap stations. 

According to proposed laws to regulate EV charging in Singapore, all new buildings with car parks will be required to incorporate electric vehicle (EV) charging outlets in at least 1 percent of their total car and motorbike parking lots in the future. The Straits Times, a Singapore-based news outlet, first reported the story.

Authorities in Singapore are aware of the growth of EVs, and want to establish adequate infrastructure before the number of vehicles surpasses its charging network. “We see a strong impetus to introduce legislation to regulate EV charging across the key stakeholders in the EV charging industry, while the industry and EV adoption in Singapore are still nascent,” they said.

The proposed law for Electric Vehicle Charging Bill would give the Land Transport Authority (LTA) the authority to regulate EV chargers that will be used in Singapore. This will also establish a framework on EV charging operators and mandate the installation of EV chargers in buildings. 

According to Singapore’s LTA, “As part of Singapore’s efforts to tackle climate change, Singapore intends to reduce our land transport emissions by 80% from 2016 levels, by around 2050. One key strategy to achieve this target is to increase the adoption of cleaner energy vehicles, and in particular, electric vehicles (EVs). EVs currently produce around half the emissions of an internal combustion engine vehicle.”

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the LTA want to develop laws to govern EV charging among the industry’s main stakeholders.

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Some of their considerations include maintaining public safety when using electric vehicle chargers. The proposed legislation aims to make electric vehicle charging services as safe as possible. Secondly, creating clear rules and regulations for the embryonic electric vehicle charging market. Lastly, setting the groundwork for an accessible and dependable network of electric vehicle chargers, as well as reducing the need for future upgrades.

The MOT and LTA are conducting a public meeting from June 15 to July 14. Their goal is to elicit public feedback on draft legislation to govern electric vehicle charging. The proposed legislation will provide the LTA statutory authority to enforce new EV charging standards.

Singapore is among the many countries developing more infrastructure for EVs. In the United States last Thursday, the Biden Administration proposed new guidelines for a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. It was the most recent step forward in the Biden Administration’s push to encourage more Americans to switch to electric vehicles.

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Singapore considers new law to expand EV charging network
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