Boring Company’s Vegas Loop receives unanimous approval for another expansion

(Credit: Clark County Nevada)

The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop has received unanimous approval from the Las Vegas City Council, who voted to expand the Loop to City Limits in downtown Las Vegas.

The loop, which is already in operation to shuttle attendees to various events at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will now extend into downtown, including the Strip, the Fremont Street Experience, and the City of Las Vegas.

The vote earlier today approved the Boring Company’s proposal to dig under Las Vegas Boulevard and up to Fremont Street, which will give visitors and residents a faster and more affordable way to travel to various hot spots.

The plans will also connect the Convention Center to Resorts World, and stations for the latter are already in development. A proposed map available on the Boring Company website also shows an eventual track that would lead to McCarran Airport.

Credit: Boring Company

The Loop was approved by Clark County Commissioners last October and will eventually connect 29 miles of tunnel and 51 stations together with autonomous electric vehicles shuttling passengers from one place to another. In December, the Vegas Loop received unanimous approval to connect with the LVCC Loop, which is also operated by the Boring Company.

During the presentation earlier today, those who presented the Boring Company’s Vegas Loop expansion plans mentioned that every vehicle the Vegas Loop removes can free up more traffic capacity that could be used to improve or revise roadways. Additionally, the Loop is an additional form of transportation for visitors that costs the public nothing, and is fully paid for by the company. Additionally, it allows for express transportation, which eliminates riders from having to stop at other destinations before they get to theirs.

Tesla will use its Model S, Model 3, and Model X vehicles in the Vegas Loop, and started testing vehicles in the tunnel last year.

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Boring Company’s Vegas Loop receives unanimous approval for another expansion
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