SpaceX aims to launch Falcon Heavy tonight after multiple delays

Falcon Heavy ready for another attempt at launch this evening (Richard Angle)

After a string of weather delays and an abort in the final minute of the countdown, SpaceX is targeting to launch the Falcon Heavy ViaSat-3 mission this evening at 7:29 PM ET. The launch has a 57-minute window that they may need to take advantage of due to high ground winds following a front that crossed the Florida peninsula early this morning.

Falcon Heavy after withstanding numerous intense thunderstorms (Richard Angle)

This evening’s mission was first meant to launch on Thursday, April 27th. However, this would end up being scrubbed due to bad weather over Kennedy Space Center, including a lightning strike to the tower at LC-39A. SpaceX then attempted another launch on Friday, April 28th, only to have the countdown aborted at T-58 seconds due to unknown reasons as of now.

The weather would then play another factor for a Saturday, April 29th attempt, which SpaceX skipped due to another severe storm system over the majority of Florida.

If the winds do not play spoiler this evening, this will be the 6th launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket and the first time it has flown in its fully expendable variation. Currently, the 45th Space Weather Squadron is predicting an 80% chance of acceptable weather during the launch window. This will be the 28th overall launch for SpaceX so far this year, keeping up an incredible launch cadence. SpaceX intends to launch Falcon Heavy up to 3 more times with the launch of USSF 52, Echostar 24, and the delayed PSYCHE mission for NASA.

Falcon Heavy at LC-39A (Richard Angle)

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SpaceX aims to launch Falcon Heavy tonight after multiple delays
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