SpaceX fan gifts Elon Musk a set of homemade drone ship coasters

A SpaceX fan has taken his love for Elon Musk’s rocket company to the next level by building a set of drink coasters modeled off of SpaceX’s Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship.

Winston Moy, YouTuber and self-proclaimed maker, adventurer, and aerospace enthusiast, applied his in-depth knowledge of CNC equipment to fabricate a commemorative ASDS drone ship coaster. “Making a set of drink coasters is something I’ve had on my todo list for quite some time” said Moy. “I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the stars of SpaceX’s reusable rocket ambitions.”

Moy took several pieces of wood and stained them to create a contrast between the material and the CNC-etched SpaceX insignia. After several iterations of measuring, cutting and sanding, Moy finally arrived at a finished first prototype of his drone ship drink coaster which he shared on Instagram. The post was soon noticed by members of the SpaceX community and circulated across much of social media.

One such member offered to put Moy’s drone ship coasters directly on the desk of Elon Musk if he can produce a special edition set for the SpaceX founder and CEO. “This was an opportunity I could not turn down.” said Moy. And thus, The Aluminum “Elon Edition” drone ship coaster was born.

Watch as Moy painstakingly fabricates a miniature SpaceX Falcon 9 autonomous landing ship out of aluminum stock.

“My work now graces the halls of SpaceX HQ and I have a story that I can be proud of.”

SpaceX fan gifts Elon Musk a set of homemade drone ship coasters
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