SpaceX resumes static fire testing at Starbase

Ship 25 conducts its static fire (Credit SpaceX)

SpaceX has once again begun static fire testing on the Starship program at Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas. This is the first static fire on the suborbital pads in 6 months.

Between the Masseys Testing Facility and suborbital pad B, Ship 25 has had 5 cryo proof tests completed, and leading up to the static fire, SpaceX completed a spin prime test on June 22nd, in which the 6 Raptor engine pumps are spun up and cryogenic liquid oxygen is flowed through the entire system and shut down shortly before what would be engine ignition.

Ship 25 conducts its spin prime test (Credit SpaceX)

On June 27th, SpaceX began fueling cryogenic liquid oxygen and methane into Ship 25 and lighting the 6 Raptor engines for a short duration. In the past, this may have taken a few tries, however, SpaceX was able to move incredibly smoothly throughout their countdown and eventual ignition of the 3 sea level Raptor engines and 3 vacuum Raptor engines.

It’s fairly remarkable that SpaceX did everything so smoothly during this first static fire, as Ship 25 has been in a wait-and-see mode before being chosen for the next fully integrated test flight. The Raptor engines were installed many months ago and haven’t been fired since their departure from the McGregor testing facility.

Ship 25 is also one of the most traveled, as it has moved at least 18 miles (28.9 km) between the production site, Masseys Test Facility, and the suborbital launch mount.

Given all that movement, constant sitting and waiting throughout various weather, including severe thunderstorms, during the static fire, only a few of the heatshield tiles fell off. Ship 25 is certainly robust and it will be interesting to watch as SpaceX continues its testing campaign in the coming weeks and months.

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SpaceX resumes static fire testing at Starbase
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