Starlink to allow monthly payments for satellite dish

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Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet system seems determined to attract as many customers as possible. This was hinted at in a monthly installment offer for Starlink’s hardware, which is the most expensive part of the satellite internet system. 

As could be seen on Starlink’s official website, SpaceX has launched a financing option for Starlink hardware alongside the satellite dish’s standard $599 fee. The financing option splits the payments for the Starlink hardware over 12 months, which means customers could expect to pay just $50 per month for their satellite dish. 

“Financing is available for customers who prefer to pay for the cost of the Starlink kit over time (12 months). Pay $50/mo for 12 months, plus a one-time activation fee. Total hardware cost: $600,” the official Starlink website noted. 

As per Starlink’s terms of service, customers who opt to finance their satellite dish could expect to pay a one-time immediate activation fee plus applicable shipping, handling, and taxes. Customers who opt for Starlink’s financing option must also authorize Starlink to charge their approved payment method for the system’s service and fees. 

Customers who opt for Starlink’s satellite dish financing option could expect to pay their first monthly installment on the date that the hardware is activated or 30 days after the satellite internet system is shipped. This means that customers who order a Starlink dish through installments would only be paying for the system’s shipping cost and tax upfront. In places like California, this payment could be as low as $22.05.

Of course, Starlink customers who opt to finance their satellite dish could expect the hardware’s $50 installments to be added to their monthly fees, which is about $120 per month. After the hardware’s installment period is completed, customers could expect to only pay for the service’s monthly charges.

As noted in a PCMag report, SpaceX has been rolling out a number of programs that are designed to make Starlink more attractive to consumers. These include a $1 for 30 days trial, as well as the rollout of refurbished Starlink kits at a discount. Starlink also recently celebrated a new milestone of 3 million customers across 99 countries.

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Starlink to allow monthly payments for satellite dish
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