Starlink lowers subscription prices in France to €50 per month

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Starlink lowered its subscription price in France from €99 to €50 per month. The new monthly service fee is effective as of August 3, 2022. 

According to emails sent to Starlink customers in France, subscribers do not need to take any action as the company will automatically apply the reduced rate to their next invoice. 

“This price reduction is part of a pilot program aimed at connecting the greatest number of people without degrading the quality of service. As a loyal Starlink user, the short-term payoff for you will be the same Starlink service at half price,” stated an email shared with Teslarati. 

Starlink plans to implement a Fair Use policy by October 2022 as it continues to expand its reach. The policy ensures that users who consume large amounts of data do not negatively affect the service quality of other Starlink customers. All users will still have access to unlimited data, but those who exceed 250 GB/month might experience slower speeds when the network is congested. 

According to Starlink’s email, users who consume 250 GB per month or less are prioritized. Users who consume more than 250 GB per month can purchase additional data to “recover priority” at €10 per 100 GB.

Starlink’s Approval in France

Ian, a Starlink user in France, told Teslarati that he believes the lowered prices might be a “land grab” since it competes with established fiber providers. 

Starlink received approval (again) in France in June 2022. The approval process was complicated as Starlink initially received approval in February 2021. However, established internet providers in France complained to ARCEP—the telecoms regulator—about Starlink’s approval. One of the complaints was that Starlink would be a danger to healthy competition in France. 

Starlink requested that ARCEP consult the public in France about its internet services. The regulatory body found that the people most interested in Starlink were located in “white areas,” otherwise known as areas with poor network services. 

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Starlink lowers subscription prices in France to €50 per month
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