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Stellantis won’t follow Tesla’s pricing strategy, says CFO

Credit: Stellantis

During Stellantis’ first quarter 2023 earnings call, the company was asked about the price cut bandwagon that has been initiated by American electric vehicle maker Tesla. As per CFO Richard Palmer, Stellantis would be focusing on managing profitability on its portfolio instead.

The Tesla-related question was asked by Horst Schneider, who was calling from Bank of America.

“Your EVs, especially… 2008-e, they are also towards a €40,000 price range already. And now Tesla has cut the price to close to €40,000 with the Tesla Model 3. Do you think that it’s impacting your price position, and do you see maybe the need to lower the EV prices in Europe or not?” the analyst asked.

The Stellantis CFO noted that the automaker is holding its price positions, at least for now. The executive also noted that it was not directly competing with Tesla in specific segments.

“Our focus is to target parity of margins – gross margin level in terms of euro per car. And that’s something that internally, we look at very closely. We’re not there across the portfolio today. But it’s clearly something that we focus very strongly on.

“And so far, we haven’t made any moves as a result of the competitive moves. I think our products are very competitive in the segments they operate in. We’re not directly competing with Tesla that much today in the segments we’re in. So we’re holding our price positions and focusing on managing our profitability across the portfolio,” Palmer said.

Tesla’s pricing strategy has been very aggressive this year, with the electric vehicle maker cutting prices of up to 19.7% for specific vehicles in its lineup. The price cuts are believed to have helped Tesla achieve record delivery numbers in the first quarter.

Stellantis also posted some impressive numbers for Q1, with the company reporting revenue growth of 14% year-on-year to €47.2 billion in the first quarter. This was partly due to higher shipments, which were made possible due to improvements in the supply of semiconductors.

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Stellantis won’t follow Tesla’s pricing strategy, says CFO
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