Subway to offer electric vehicle ‘Charging Oasis Parks’ in new partnership

Subway® and GenZ EV Solutions, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, are partnering on an EV Charging Oasis of the future. (PRNewsfoto/Subway Restaurants)

Subway has announced that it will build electric vehicle chargers at select locations. The “Charging Oasis Parks” it plans to build come as part of a new partnership with GenZ EV Charging Solutions.

As demand for EV charging infrastructure continues to climb, retail businesses are finding that they can attract customers to their businesses by placing chargers on their premises. Starbucks has been doing just that in select locations in the Western United States, and now, Subway is looking to do the same. The famous sandwich joint will place EV chargers at its existing locations and build “Charging Oasis Parks,” capable of charging a larger number of vehicles.

Subway says it will begin placing EV chargers at existing locations this year, with the upcoming Charging Oasis Parks soon after. The sandwich chain did not specify the number of chargers it would be placing or which restaurants would receive the infrastructure first.

The Subway chargers are being placed with the help of partnering business GenZ EV Charging Solutions, which will be using Red E Chargers at the selected locations.

“We’re constantly exploring new ways to innovate and exceed our guests’ expectations for a high-quality, convenient experience,” said Mike Kappitt, Chief Operating and Insights Officer of Subway. “Our partnership with GenZ EV Solutions is a win for our guests, our franchisees, and our planet, creating a dedicated space for drivers to charge their vehicle while enjoying their favorite Subway sandwich.”

Unlike other businesses that are placing EV chargers at their locations, the upcoming Subway Charging Oasis Parks have far more amenities and loosely resemble Tesla’s own planned Supercharger diner location. The Subway Oasises will have playgrounds, open green areas, wifi, picnic tables, and of course, Subway restaurants.

The problem of lacking EV charging across the United States and North America will not be fixed overnight. Still, thanks to the help of companies like Subway, it may be addressed sooner than we anticipated. Hopefully, these added chargers will continue encouraging consumers to purchase electric vehicles in the coming months and years.

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Subway to offer electric vehicle ‘Charging Oasis Parks’ in new partnership
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