Tesla to spend almost $2 billion on components from India this year

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After years of negotiating with the Indian government over high import taxes on vehicles, a new report shows that Tesla plans to make significant investments in the country this year.

With Tesla and India still working out the finer details for its apparent partnership that would see a new Gigafactory come to the country, a new statement from a government official shows that the automaker will purchase billions of dollars worth of automotive components from the country.

Tesla plans to source between $1.7 and $1.9 billion in automotive components from India this year, according to a statement from the country’s Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal on Wednesday, according to Tech Crunch.

The information came during an auto event in New Delhi, and the purchases could nearly double the roughly $1 billion in auto parts Tesla purchased from India in 2022.

“We’ll start enjoying the fruits of new technologies, innovation, and R&D coming into India,” Goyal said at the event. “The auto component industry will not only then produce for a larger India demand, but with the same [components] models being sold in the rest of the world, we will also start exporting those components.”

When asked if the Indian government would consider offering incentives to lower import duties on vehicles, Goyal said the country would consider coming out with a new policy, as detailed by Bloomberg.

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“This is a government that provides equal opportunities to everybody,” Goyal responded. “We will come out with a policy which will be in consultation with all stakeholders.”

The news comes after India has courted Tesla since at least 2021, recommending that the automaker set up an EV factory in the country. However, Tesla’s vehicles are not yet available in India, mainly due to import taxes of as much as 35 percent on automobiles. Last month, Tesla proposed lowering import taxes to 15 percent, though negotiations remain ongoing.

In a statement last year, Musk said that Tesla would not build a factory in India until the U.S. automaker could sell and service its vehicles in the country. He also hopes to test the Indian market by selling Tesla’s cars in the country before establishing a production facility there.

“In many cases, particularly, for example, in taxis, public transport in buses, we already see electric vehicles having become a very compulsive investment case,” Goyal added.

Tesla currently manufactures its vehicles at “Gigafactories” in Shanghai, China, outside of Berlin, Germany, and across two plants in the U.S., located in Fremont, California, and Austin, Texas.

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Tesla to spend almost $2 billion on components from India this year
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