Tesla’s use of AI Day for recruitment piqued interest from engineers, Musk says

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Tesla’s use of specific events for recruiting purposes was welcomed in by the company’s recently held AI Day, which took place in mid-September. Looking to expand its team of software engineers and AI experts, Tesla showed the most intimate details regarding its AI platform, impressive examples of its Full Self-Driving suite, and even unveiled the Tesla Bot. The idea worked, CEO Elon Musk revealed during the 2021 Annual Shareholder’s Meeting, which was held last night.

AI Day was perhaps Tesla’s most in-depth look into its semi-autonomous driving programs, its plan for a next-level Supercomputer and chip, and a surprising look at the company’s plans to begin building robot prototypes. Ultimately, for anyone who was in attendance or listening to the event, it was obvious it wasn’t geared toward informing the normal Tesla fan or enthusiast about its FSD progress. The language and technical nature of the event pointed toward one thing: Tesla needed new, young, and bright talent for their development of AI, and this was the perfect outlet for it.

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Still, it is only a good idea if it works. But let’s be real, in 2021, what hotshot out of college would not want to work at Tesla? With all of the great technology that the company has released in the past few years, combined with the undoubted position of authority that Tesla holds in the EV space, most college students or engineering prodigies would most likely be willing to submit an application to Tesla, and Elon Musk stated that the event was overwhelmingly successful in bringing Tesla the talent that it sought after.

“And then AI Day, I think it was important to change the fundamental perception of Tesla because people do…they sort of think of Tesla as a car company, and yes, we made cars, but the AI part of Tesla was not well understood,” Musk said at the Shareholder meeting. “Tesla is as much a software company as it is a hardware company. And we also do the chips. So we designed the full self-driving inference computer. We’re designing a training computer that’s going to be able to, we think, be the most efficient neural net training computer in the world by far.”

It is a common misperception among most people to think that Tesla is exclusively an automotive manufacturer. However, the company deals with much more outside the realm of vehicles. Along with sustainable energy storage and production through its Tesla Energy side, it also develops software, chips, and other crucial parts of a car’s “brain,” if you can see it in that light. This is all a result of the hard work and dedication Tesla’s engineers have put forth. Musk indicates that more highly qualified candidates are on the way.

“We’re seeing a tremendous response, so daily applicants by role…And then after AI Day, that’s the AI applicants increased dramatically. So I thought that was a very successful day. Team did a great job. And yes, it’s going to be a very important part of the future. Self-driving is obviously one of the functions,” Musk added.

Tesla has landed on Universum’s list of most attractive employers for engineering students on several occasions. Released in November 2020, the most recent list had Tesla and SpaceX ranked first and second, respectively, in the rankings.

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Tesla’s use of AI Day for recruitment piqued interest from engineers, Musk says
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