The new Tesla Roadster finally gets an updated release date

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The next-generation Tesla Roadster has finally received an updated estimated release date. During the recently-held 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk remarked that the new Roadster, which would outperform even the frighteningly quick Model S Plaid, would likely see a release date of 2023, barring any unexpected challenges. 

Musk’s update about the all-electric supercar was related while the CEO was addressing an inquiry about the Cybertruck’s production. The Tesla Cybertruck was initially set to enter initial production in late 2021, but the ongoing supply chain shortages, as well as apparent challenges with the 4680 cell production ramp, have pushed the all-electric pickup truck’s release to late 2022 instead. 

Explaining this further, Musk noted that the ramp of its vehicles like the Cybertruck would likely depend on how well the company handles its ongoing supply chain issues. If Tesla could accomplish this goal, even side projects like the release of the next-generation Roadster could finally happen. 

“This year has been just a constant struggle with parts supply. So just to be clear, if we had like five extra products, we would not change our vehicle output at all because we are just basically limited by multiple supply chain shortages. Like so many types, not just chips. There were lots of supply chain shortages. So it really wouldn’t matter if we had like the Semi or the Cybertruck or anything. We would not be able to make it. 

“The Semi in particular needs a lot of cells and a lot of chips. We gotta have enough. Otherwise, it’s pointless, so I think most likely, what we’ll see is Cybertruck will start production in the next year and then reach volume production in 2023. Hopefully, we can also be producing the Semi and the new Roadster in ’23 as well. So we should be through our severe supply chain shortages in ’23. I’m optimistic that will be the case,” Musk said. 

The next-generation Tesla Roadster has been described by Elon Musk in the past as a “dessert” of sorts since the vehicle would not be produced in volumes similar to the Model 3 or Model Y, or even the Model S and Model X. Instead, the new Roadster would be a true halo car for Tesla, with only about 10,000 or so being produced annually. Musk has also mentioned that the halo car would likely be produced at the Fremont Factory. 

The specs of the new Roadster are quite out of this world. With its expected cold gas thrusters, Elon Musk has mentioned that the all-electric supercar would likely be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in as little as 1.1 seconds. The range of the new next-generation Roadster when it was announced was 620 miles as well, though Tesla’s battery tech has substantially improved since its unveiling back in late 2017. With the company’s newer 4680 cells, the range of the new Roadster would likely be even more impressive. 

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The new Tesla Roadster finally gets an updated release date
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