Tesla tops list of 2020’s Most Attractive Employers for US engineering students

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Employer branding specialist Universum has released its 2020 list of most attractive employers for US students. Similar to last year, two Elon Musk-led ventures, Tesla and SpaceX, ranked as the most attractive companies for engineering students in the United States, with the electric car maker being listed at No.1 and the private space firm being No.2. 

The results of Universum’s 2020 report are largely in line with the firm’s 2019 findings, which listed SpaceX as No.1 and Tesla as No.2. Quite interestingly, Tesla currently stands as the lone automaker in Universum’s Top 10 list among engineering students, with the next carmaker, Ford, being ranked at No.12. Fellow American automaker General Motors stands at No.15. 

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Apart from being the most attractive employer for engineering students in the US, Tesla also ranked well among business students. As noted by Universum, Tesla stands at No.8 in its list, far away from other automakers like Daimler (No.65), Toyota (No.80), and GM (No.95). Tesla is also ranked as the 5th most attractive employer for computer science students. Other automakers like the BMW Group (No.51) and Toyota (No.60) are significantly lower on Universum’s list. 

Tesla is not known for being an easy company to work for. Quite the contrary, as CEO Elon Musk is noted for his ambitious targets for the company and his high demands for his employees. Yet despite this, Tesla is also known as a workplace where creative minds are heard with as little red tape as possibleHandshake, a student career-services app, previously noted in a study that Tesla’s intense work culture is actually among the reasons why young, motivated job-seekers see the company as an attractive place of employment. 

The capability to attract the most brilliant minds is a massive strength for Tesla. The company is aiming to accomplish goals that are extremely ambitious, and it is unashamedly pursuing them as well. To succeed in its endeavors, Tesla must be able to attract as many talented and motivated employees. Fortunately, the combination of its mission, the allure of being an environment that fosters creativity, and the presence of a visionary CEO may very well be a great combination to ensure that Tesla maintains a strong workforce in the coming years. 

Universum’s 2020 list of the US’ most attractive employers could be viewed below.

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Tesla tops list of 2020’s Most Attractive Employers for US engineering students
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