Tesla AI director posts several job openings for Deep AI Learning Engineers

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Tesla’s Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Andrej Karpathy announced he is hiring Deep Learning Engineers for the company’s AI Team. He also stated that the AI Team would apply everything they learned to the Tesla Bot, which Musk referred to as one of the company’s most important projects during the last earnings call.

Karpathy shared links to several job positions in the Tesla AI team that are up for grabs in a LinkedIn post. He specifically posted jobs for the following positions: 

The responsibilities and requirements of each position are listed below. 

Deep Learning Engineer/Scientist 

Software Engineer, Deep Learning infrastructure

Software Engineer Deep Learning

Software Engineer, Evaluation

Backend Engineer, AI Tooling

Frontend Engineer, AI Tooling

Tesla’s Priorities 

The Tesla AI team aims to improve the safety and comfort of driving on its way to developing Full Self-Driving (FSD). During the Q4 and Full Year 2021 earnings call, Elon Musk and Zachary Kirkhorn reiterated the significance and potential impact Full Self-Driving could have on the company and the driving experience.  

“It’s apparent from the questions that the gravity of full self-driving is not fully appreciated,” Musk explained to AB Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi at the last earnings call. 

Tesla believes FSD could become the company’s most important source of profitability, Elon Musk shared during his opening remarks for the Q4 and Full Year 2021 earnings call. 

“So, over time, we think full self-driving will become the most important source of profitability for Tesla. Actually, if you run the numbers on robotaxis, it’s kind of nutty — it’s nutty good from a financial standpoint,” he said. “And I think we are completely confident at this point that it will be achieved. And my personal guess is that we’ll achieve full self-driving this year, yeah, with data safety level significantly greater than the present.”

It has been evident that Full Self-Driving development remains at the top of Tesla’s priorities. However, the Tesla Bot is also at the top of the list. Musk stated at the last earnings call that the humanoid robot, fondly called “Optimus,” was Tesla’s “most important product” in development for 2022. A Tesla Bot prototype is due to debut by the end of this year. 

Andrej Karpathy’s recent LinkedIn post about AI Team jobs mirrors Musk’s statement about Optimus. Tesla’s Director of AI believes Optimus is “on track to become the most powerful AI development platform.” 

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Tesla AI director posts several job openings for Deep AI Learning Engineers
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