Tesla is the only automaker in Germany to maintain positive growth during pandemic

Tesla Store in Stuttgart, Germany. Credit: Twitter/@kathl_fritzsche

Tesla has remained the only automaker in several countries to continue churning a positive outlook and profit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports from German media state that Tesla is now the only automaker in the country to maintain growth through the crisis, making it an outlier in the struggling car market.

German public-television broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen indicates that the German automotive sector is one of many throughout the world that have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Germany has experienced a 61.1 percent fall in new car registrations for April. The figure is compared to the same month in 2019, where over 198,000 vehicles were registered in the European country.

However, April 2020 was not a great month for the German car market. Only 120,840 vehicles were registered with the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. Of all of the country’s registered carmakers, only one maintained evidence of positive growth compared to the same month in 2019: Tesla.

Tesla managed to record a roughly 10% growth in car registrations for its electric vehicles in Germany. While other automakers like Volkswagen, BMW, and Audi, who have a track record of manufacturing the most popular cars in Germany, struggled, Tesla proved its strength as a carmaker by registering more vehicles than it did last year.

Tesla is looking to make a positive impact on the German automotive market, and its popularity as a company is evident through its growth during troubling times. While most industries in the world are continuing to struggle, Tesla remains an outlier. The company had become more popular with German citizens since last November when CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s newest manufacturing plant would be built in the state of Brandenburg. The Giga Berlin production plant will manufacture half a million vehicles starting July 2021, starting with Tesla’s newest car, the Model Y crossover.

Construction crews in Germany have been cracking away at developing the land site where Giga Berlin will eventually stand. Since early January, crews have successfully cleared the first 90-hectares of land where the production facility will be. This process included the removal of trees and the excavation of the area. The land-leveling process was completed recently, and Tesla awaits approval from local government agencies to break ground on the building.

Despite the concerns of some local citizens, the indication of growth in registrations of Tesla vehicles in Germany seems to show that Germans are interested in the company’s electric cars. As Tesla grows in Germany, it indicates that the Giga Berlin facility could have a significant impact on the company’s presence in Europe altogether. Other automakers seem to lack something that Tesla does, and the company’s improving situation through a trying time could prove Tesla’s dominance down the road as a worldwide automaker.

Tesla is the only automaker in Germany to maintain positive growth during pandemic
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