Tesla executive says Autopark will get faster in future releases

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Tesla recently debuted an improved version of its Autopark feature, and while many have been having fun with it since its release, one executive says that future versions will park the car even more quickly.

Last month, Tesla began rolling out its new Autopark feature for vision-only vehicles with the 2024.2.11 software update, after CEO Elon Musk dubbed the feature “Banish” and said improvements would be coming soon last month—alongside improvements to the Summon feature. Although many owners have since shared their videos of Autopark successfully backing into parking spaces, Tesla Autopilot Director Ashok Elluswamy says the first iteration of the updated software was “tuned conservatively.”

In a series of statements on X last week, Elluswamy noted that Autopark will “be faster over the next few releases.”

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The rollout of the updated Autopark system comes as Tesla has transitioned its Full Self-Driving (FSD) system from being termed a “beta,” to instead calling the software “FSD (Supervised).” Musk said last year that FSD v12 would lose the “beta” moniker, and while the software version has been rolling out to customers and employees in waves over the past several weeks, it has still included the term up until last week.

Tesla has also been offering one-month FSD free trials, and an email from Musk to employees sent last week mandated that all vehicle deliveries include an FSD test ride. The moves appear to come as a larger shift coinciding with the FSD v12 software release, which has long been anticipated to play a key role in someday unlocking higher levels of vehicle autonomy.

On that note, Elluswamy recently also posted a message on X that seemed to be referring to higher levels of autonomy being on their way:

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Tesla executive says Autopark will get faster in future releases
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