Tesla ramps hiring for Autopilot data labeling team in Gigafactory New York

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A recent post from Tesla’s official LinkedIn account has indicated that the company is looking to bolster its Autopilot team with a number of dedicated data annotation-related job openings. Quite interestingly, the pertinent job listings are for Buffalo, the location where Tesla’s Solar Roof and Supercharger factory, Gigafactory New York, is located. 

As per the electric car maker’s LinkedIn post, labeled data is a critical ingredient for training powerful Deep Neural Networks, which are pivotal to Tesla’s goal of achieving autonomy. A look at Tesla’s Careers Page indicates that the electric car maker has three job listings for its Data Annotation team in Buffalo: a Data Annotation Specialist, a Data Annotation Supervisor, and a Data Annotation Lead

A description of Tesla’s Autopilot Data Annotation team follows: 

“The Autopilot Data Annotation team is responsible for annotating images, videos and other camera data. Accurate data is the foundation for training our neural networks, and serves as the ground truth for Autopilot’s artificial intelligence. The team works cohesively with engineering teams to launch customer-facing releases: Navigate on Autopilot; Smart Summon; Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control. Accurate data annotation is critical to Tesla achieving full self-driving.”

So far, posts for a Data Annotation Specialist seem to be unavailable already, with the company taking the job listing’s webpage offline. Job listings for a Data Annotation Lead and a Data Annotation Supervisor are still accessible from the electric car maker’ Careers Page. All three posts were posted by the electric car maker last month.

Tesla’s approach to full self-driving primarily relies on cameras and Neural Networks, which are trained through real-world images gathered by the fleet. Data labeling provides pertinent information for the Neural Network by tagging images with necessary information. The capabilities of Autopilot and Full Self-Driving to recognize lane lines, stop signs, and traffic lights, to name a few, were made possible thanks to extensive data labeling on Tesla’s part. 

Considering that Tesla’s vehicles upload massive amounts of data every day, it is quite unsurprising to see the electric car maker ramping its hiring efforts for its Autopilot Data Annotation team. Tesla AI Director Andrej Karpathy, after all, has teased this in the past that while the electric car maker only has a few dozen actual Autopilot engineers, the company employs a great number of workers who perform labeling. The company’s recent LinkedIn post suggests that it continues to grow this team until today. 

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Tesla ramps hiring for Autopilot data labeling team in Gigafactory New York
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