Tesla Energy making headways in Israel with $30M battery storage agreement

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Tesla Energy signed a $30 million agreement with Nofar Energy for battery storage systems to store power from solar systems in Israel.

Nofar Energy announced its agreement with Tesla recently, stating that it has already made a 5% down payment for the US company’s battery storage systems. According to Globes, Nofar ordered batteries with a capacity to store up to 100 MWh.

It seems the battery storage systems will be handed over to Nofar in stages between late 2021 to March 2023. The global renewable energy company estimated that Tesla’s batteries would enable the construction of solar systems with a capacity of about 150 MW.

Nofar did not clarify whether it ordered Tesla’s Powerpacks or Megapacks. However, Nofar used a picture of a Tesla Powerpack for its Project Shoval in Israel. Project Shoval is expected to generate 0.74 MW, and Tesla’s batteries are expected to store 3MWh. The project is currently under construction in Israel.

Nofar has another project under construction in Israel, named Nir Yizhak. Project Nir Yizhak is expected to generate about 1.1 MW, and its battery storage system should be able to store up to 3.22MWh. It is unclear whether Tesla’s Powerpacks or Megapacks will be used in the Nir Yizhak project.

Nofar Energy estimates that Tesla’s battery storage systems will contribute significantly to revenue and sales. The company believes Tesla’s batteries could contribute up to NIS 534 million (about $162 million) in construction revenue, NIS 50 million (about $15 million) in electricity sales, and NIS 10 million (about $3 million) in maintenance from the solar system.

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Tesla Energy making headways in Israel with $30M battery storage agreement
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