Tesla allowed to sell early Model Y production units from Giga Berlin

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Just recently, it was revealed that Tesla is looking to sell some of its early Model Y production units from Gigafactory Berlin. The Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU), the responsible approval authority in the matter, has stated that Tesla won’t be violating any rules if it sells good quality early Model Ys to end customers. 

Before Tesla received its final approval to start vehicle production in Giga Berlin, the company received preliminary approvals to produce over 2,000 vehicles. The cars produced during this period were initially expected to be either used internally or scrapped, but a recent document from Tesla has revealed that the EV maker is looking to sell some early Model Ys to customers, provided that they are of “good” quality. 

As per a report from German news outlet rbb24, Tesla has justified its request to sell some of its early Model Y units with a legal argument. According to the EV maker, the final approval notice for Giga Berlin, which was issued in early March, made all previously granted partial approvals unnecessary. As a result, “the ancillary provisions contained therein are no longer effective,” Tesla noted. 

When asked by local media about Tesla’s request, the LfU rejected the idea that the electric car maker was violating the requirements of the approval authority with the sale of some early Model Y units from Gigafactory Berlin. Thomas Frey from the LfU explained the office’s stance on the matter. “Tesla is free to process bodies that were created during the period of testing the operational capability and to sell them if they are marketable,” he said. 

Frey seemed to agree with Tesla’s argument that all preliminary approvals and provisions expired when Gigafactory Berlin received its final permits for vehicle production. He also highlighted that the emission control law places great emphasis on avoiding waste, which would be the case if Tesla were to discard otherwise consumer-ready vehicles just because they were produced a little bit earlier. 

Tesla has not indicated how many cars it produced during the time leading up to Giga Berlin’s final approval, though the company noted in the recently-retrieved document that about 100 early Model Y units had been scrapped. Tesla also stated that the majority of the vehicles that were produced before Giga Berlin’s final approval have been used for internal purposes and “various test purposes.”

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Tesla allowed to sell early Model Y production units from Giga Berlin
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