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Tesla looks to sell “good” quality early Model Y units from Giga Berlin: report

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin has started its planned factory upgrades, but the electric vehicle maker seems to have a plan to keep its vehicle delivery teams busy for the time being. As per local reports from German media, Tesla is reportedly looking to sell some units from its early Model Y production to customers. 

Prior to Tesla receiving its final approval to start vehicle production in Giga Berlin, the company was allowed to produce its first batch of vehicles under a preliminary permit. First it was 250 vehicles, but later permissions allowed Tesla to manufacture 2,000 more Model Ys at Gigafactory Berlin. These vehicles were initially reported to be unavailable for purchase. 

Recent documents retrieved by Märkische Oderzeitung have revealed that Tesla has only discarded about 100 of these pre-production Model Ys that were made in its Grünheide factory. The vast majority of the early production vehicles would be used for internal purposes and “various test purposes.” In the documents, Tesla also suggests that early Model Y production units with “good” quality could be “sold to end consumers.” 

Tesla noted in its letter that based on plant tests, good quality early Model Y units could “continue to be used without major restrictions.” This suggests that the vehicles are ready for consumers, and their quality is on par with the Model Ys produced at Giga Berlin after Tesla was able to secure its final approval to begin vehicle production in the facility. 

Tesla’s document retrieved by the German media is heavily redacted, so the details of what exactly happened to the company’s early production Model Y units could not be determined as of writing. However, Tesla may have a point with its assertion that some of its early production Model Ys from Giga Berlin, especially those that were produced in the weeks leading up to the plan’s final approval, may indeed be good enough for consumers. 

Gigafactory Berlin’s upgrades are expected to be completed around July 22, and with it, the facility should be able to produce Model Ys at a quicker rate. Tesla expects Gigafactory Berlin to be capable of producing 500,000 vehicles per year, a notable goal considering the demand for the all-electric crossover in the region. 

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Tesla looks to sell “good” quality early Model Y units from Giga Berlin: report
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