Tesla celebrates 50,000-vehicle milestone in Denmark

Credit: @InnovatingCoin/X

Tesla has achieved another milestone in Denmark. As shared by a Tesla Regional Lead on LinkedIn, there are now over 50,000 Teslas on Danish roads, and among this number, 20,000 are Model Y crossovers. 

The milestone was posted by Tesla Regional Lead Kim Gaba Jensen on LinkedIn. In his post, the Regional Lead stated that when he joined the company back in 2018, Tesla had just breached the 4,000-vehicle barrier in Denmark. 

Jensen noted that even the 12,000-plus Teslas that were on Danish roads at the end of 2020 already felt insane at the time, but the company was just getting started. 

“When I joined in 2018, Denmark had just surpassed 4000 vehicles. In (the) end of 2020, after a huge end to the year, we were just above 12,000 vehicles and it seemed like an insane amount. 

“Now 2 years and 9 months later, Tesla Denmark is at 50,000+ and closing in on 2% of all vehicles on the road in Denmark. At the same time, there are now 20,000 Model Y on the Danish roads,” Jensen wrote. 

The feat was promptly shared on other social media platforms such as X, formerly known as Twitter. It was on X that Jensen’s post was confirmed, as the official Tesla Europe account shared a post about the milestone. Tesla Europe credited the feat to its customers in the country. 

“Thank you to our owners in Denmark,” Tesla Europe wrote.

Comments from some Tesla owners in Denmark noted that the Model Y doesn’t just seem to be 2% of the cars on the country’s roads since the all-electric crossover is just everywhere. Other owners joked that it is quite difficult at times to determine which Tesla is theirs because there are just so many of them around. 

Tesla’s popularity in Denmark is bound to increase even more in the coming months. When Tesla released the highly-anticipated updated Model 3, Denmark was one of the countries that opened orders for the updated all-electric sedan. With the new Model 3 in Tesla’s lineup, Danish roads may end up seeing a Model 3 and Model Y invasion simultaneously. 

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Tesla celebrates 50,000-vehicle milestone in Denmark
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