Tesla CEO Elon Musk urges Connecticut residents to support direct sales model

Tesla continues to fight for the right to sell direct in Connecticut, this time arguing that proposed bill 7097 will have a positive effect on the state’s deflated budget. The recent departures of General Electric and StubHub from the state have taken the wind out of the sails of the state budget. This presents an opportunity for Tesla to come in and save the day with its promise of additional sales in the state.

The small physical size of Connecticut means that it is only a short drive to neighboring states for its residents that look to purchase a vehicle from which the state currently receives no sales tax or local jobs. Tesla has repeatedly lobbied for the state to approve its direct to customers sales model, but this time around, the state has added pressure on the budgetary front to approve Tesla’s move into the state.

CEO Elon Musk wrote in a letter about the state, saying its leadership “can vote to cede jobs to surrounding states, or choose a path that helps the state close its budget gap and build upon its history as a place for innovation and business growth.” Musk added a plea to residents urging them to share their voice. “Please encourage your legislators to allow Tesla to create jobs and invest in a cleaner, sustainable energy future for Connecticut.”

Connecticut is home to many financial elite who flee the city, after long days at work, to their wealthy country estates. These wealthy households represent prime customers for Tesla’s high-end electric vehicles whom are currently being forced to work around the nonsensical regulations in the state to make their purchases.

In this third push for legislative approval, it does appear that the tides are turning for Tesla. Art Linares, a Republican state senator shared his perspective on the matter stating that “This is a no-brainer. There’s a lot more momentum this year.” Linares authored the current bill and is a Model S owner.

Tesla shared that its stores bring much needed jobs and business to the state with each store representing around 25 new jobs. It poked at the recent wound from the StubHub and GE departures, “At a time when other companies are leaving the state, Tesla simply wants to do business in Connecticut.”

Source: Bloomberg


Tesla CEO Elon Musk urges Connecticut residents to support direct sales model
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