Tesla China celebrates 10 years and 1.7 million customers

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Tesla China recently celebrated a notable milestone. As per the electric vehicle maker in a post on its official Weibo account, it has been in the domestic Chinese market for 10 years. Over this time, Tesla China has served 1.7 million customers and counting in the country. 

“10 years ago today, we put the flagship coupe Model S in the hands of 15 consumers who were at the forefront of their time. Today, 10 years later, we are serving more than 1.7 million Tesla owners in China. Tesla has more than 6 million owners globally and China has more than 20 million new energy vehicle (NEV) ownership,” Tesla wrote in its Weibo post. 

Tesla’s 10-year milestone was celebrated in China, with People’s Daily, one of the country’s largest state-owned media outlets, congratulating the electric vehicle maker for its achievement. The publication’s message was brief, but it does highlight how Tesla China is celebrated in the country to a degree that’s rarely seen elsewhere. 

A lot of things could happen in ten years. On April 22, 2014, Tesla CEO Elon Musk handed over the first batch of Model S sedans to the first 15 customers in the country. As noted in a CNEV Post report, two of the Tesla Model S owners were Xiaomi founder Lei Jun and Li Auto founder Li Xiang. Xiaomi recently launched an electric sedan, the SU7, with the aim of challenging the Tesla Model 3, and Li Auto is considered one of the country’s rising EV makers. 

With this in mind, Tesla could be credited for promoting electric vehicles in China’s overall auto market to some degree. The fact that founders of rivals like Li Auto were among the first Tesla owners in China highlights just how groundbreaking the original Model S sedan truly was. 

Today, Tesla China serves as a critical market for the electric vehicle maker. Last year, Tesla China sold a total of 947,742 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles, 52.4% of the company’s 1,808,581 global deliveries. Giga Shanghai, which produces the China-made Model 3 and Model Y, also serves as the company’s vehicle export hub. It is Tesla’s largest electric vehicle factory by volume as well, being listed with an estimated annual output of over 950,000 vehicles. 

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Tesla China celebrates 10 years and 1.7 million customers
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