Rivian R1 EVs to join fleets in the mining industry

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian’s R1 vehicles will join fleets in the mining industry. Rivian recently entered an exclusive global partnership with MEVCO (Mining Electric Vehicle Company), which provides sustainable and efficient electric vehicles (EVs) in the mining industry. 

“The Rivian R1T is widely acclaimed for its on and off-road capabilities, and its robust design and adaptability make it the ideal candidate to meet the many challenges mining presents. The integration of Rivian’s technology with MEVCO’s proven track record in mining-specific electric vehicles is poised to yield a fleet that exceeds the requirements of the most demanding operators,” said Matt Cahir, CEO of MEVCO.

MEVCO plans to customize the Rivian R1T to mining specifications, allowing the all-electric truck to operate in harsh conditions above ground and beneath the surface. The company will also support mines with Rivian R1Ts by developing charging infrastructure, maintaining maintenance, and improving workflows. 


The Global Mining Guidelines Group enumerated recommended practices for using battery electric vehicles (BEVs), like the Rivian R1T, in underground mining. Some recommendations are for mining companies to consider the layout of the mine, its infrastructure, other electrical equipment, and personnel movements. The Group also recommends assessing the BEVs’ battery design and considering energy storage systems for the vehicles working in the mine. 

“The shift to electric solutions extends beyond environmental and financial advantages. It is about fostering a safer, healthier environment for mine operators, particularly in subterranean settings where the elimination of tailpipe emissions is paramount. The Rivian R1T, in terms of safety and off-road capabilities, stands unparalleled. We have already seen strong support for the Rivian product, as well as the infrastructure MEVCO is building to support the rollout,” added Cahir.

Earlier this month, Rivian celebrated its 100,000th vehicle milestone in Normal, Illinois. The EV automaker is shutting down its Normal facility to improve its EV assembly line by streamlining the process and reducing the cost of production.

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Rivian R1 EVs to join fleets in the mining industry
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