Tesla gained ground in China’s NEV and BEV market in November: CPCA data

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Earlier this month, it was revealed by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) that Tesla China was able to sell a total of 82,432 vehicles in November, an increase of 14.31% compared to October’s 72,11 units. The CPCA has now provided a breakdown of the EV maker’s wholesale figures for November, and they are quite encouraging. 

Out of the 82,432 vehicles that were sold last month, 65,504 were delivered to Chinese customers. That’s a 4.82% year-on-year increase and a significant 128.83% jump from October. This increase in domestic sales also means that Tesla’s exports from China saw a significant decline last month, however. Tesla exported 16,928 vehicles last month, a decline of 61.08% from October.

Tesla’s rising domestic sales in November are not surprising, as the electric vehicle maker started deliveries of the upgraded Model 3, better known in EV circles as the Model 3 Highland, in late October. The upgraded Model 3 has been acclaimed by owners and reviewers alike, so demand for the vehicle appears to be quite healthy. 

The majority of the vehicles sold in November were Model Y, with 58,433 units delivered, followed by the Model 3, with 23,999 units sold. This brings Tesla’s total sales in China for the January-November period to an impressive 527,859 vehicles, which represents a 32.68% year-over-year increase. Tesla China also exported 325,744 vehicles in January-November, an increase of 26.64% year-over-year, as per CNEV Post.

Tesla’s overall performance in the Chinese automotive segment remains impressive, especially considering the momentum of China’s New Energy Vehicle (NEV) market. For November, China’s retail sales of NEVs reached a record 841,000 units, as per the CPCA. Data from the CPCA also reveals that China saw 552,000 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sales in November.

Considering Tesla China’s November results, the EV maker appears to have captured a market share of 7.79% of China’s overall NEV segment. That’s a significant increase from the company’s 3.73% NEV share in October. Tesla’s share of China’s BEV segment also saw a significant boost, rising from 5.78% in October to 11.87% in November.

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Tesla gained ground in China’s NEV and BEV market in November: CPCA data
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