Tesla China’s domestic deliveries see improvement in February

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Tesla China’s exports in February remained strong, and domestic vehicle sales saw an improvement compared to January. This was according to data recently released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). 

As per the CPCA, Tesla China exported 40,479 cars in February, a 3.24% improvement over the 39,208 units that were exported in January. Considering Tesla China’s export numbers and the company’s 74,402 wholesale results last month, domestic sales for February appear to be 33,923 vehicles.

For context, Tesla China’s domestic sales in January 2023 were listed at 26,843 units. With this in mind, February’s results suggest a 26.38% improvement month-over-month. It should also be noted that these results were achieved at a time when Gigafactory Shanghai’s Model 3 line was suspended during February’s final days to make way for upgrades. 

Tesla China’s wholesale results for February were comprised of 51,412 Model Y units and 22,990 Model 3 vehicles. The breakdown for these vehicles’ export and domestic figures is yet to be released. 

Gigafactory Shanghai is a crucial part of Tesla’s global operations. The facility is currently the company’s largest factory by output, with an estimated capacity of about 1.1 million vehicles annually. This output could improve further, especially with the implementation of improvements to the Model 3 line

Previous reports have indicated that Tesla is currently pushing “Project Highland,” which is expected to introduce updates to the Model 3 sedan. The updates will reportedly encompass the car’s exterior, interior, and powertrain, among others. The updates to the Model 3 are expected to make the vehicle easier to manufacture as well. 

Tesla is also reportedly working on “Project Juniper,” which is aimed at updating the Model Y crossover. Similar to “Project Highland, the updates to the Model Y are expected to be rolled out to the car’s exterior and interior. These upgrades would likely make the Model Y even more compelling to consumers, allowing it to sell even better than before. 

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Tesla China’s domestic deliveries see improvement in February
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