Tesla China insurance registrations hit 16,700 units in June’s fourth week

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Tesla China seems poised to end June 2023 on a strong note, with industry watchers estimating that the electric vehicle maker saw 16,700 insurance registrations in the week ending June 25. With such momentum, Tesla China’s June 2023 numbers would likely be impressive. 

Tesla China does not release its weekly sales numbers for the domestic market, though new vehicle insurance registrations have become a pretty good indicator of the trend surrounding carmakers’ sales in the country. As such, even automakers like Li Auto have taken it upon themselves to aggregate and report on the domestic Chinese market’s weekly insurance registrations. 

As per Li Auto’s recent report, Tesla China has reportedly seen 16,700 insurance registrations last week. This suggests that from June 1 to 25, the electric vehicle maker sold about 57,300 vehicles in the domestic Chinese market alone. For context, in the two weeks prior to last week, Tesla China saw 16,400 and 14,500 insurance registrations for the local market. 

Considering Tesla China’s results, it would appear that the electric vehicle maker was the top-selling premium brand in China from June 1 to 25, beating veteran automaker and luxury benchmark Mercdes-Benz. Li Auto estimated that Mercedes-Benz has sold 52,100 units in the domestic Chinese market from June 1 to 25. 

Tesla has been pushing the sales of its two best-selling vehicles, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, this second quarter. Earlier this month, for example, Tesla announced that domestic customers in China who purchase and take delivery of inventory Model 3 RWD units by the end of June would receive an insurance subsidy worth RMB 8,000 ($1,110). 

Tesla China’s overall results for June 2023 bode well for the electric vehicle maker’s Q2 figures. In May, after all, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) reported that Tesla sold a total of 77,695 vehicles during the month. This number could very well be exceeded this June 2023. 

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Tesla China insurance registrations hit 16,700 units in June’s fourth week
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