Tesla China Model Y attracts flocks of customers in local showrooms

(Credit: Ray4Tesla/Twitter)

Tesla China’s Model Y vehicle seems to be attracting flocks of customers in local showrooms, days after the company announced the all-electric SUV’s updated prices. Tesla China announced the domestically-made Model Y’s market debut in 2021, greeting the new year with another bang. 

A member of a local Tesla community forum posted a video of Giga Shanghai making Model Y display deliveries to showrooms last night. Tesla showrooms in China appear to be bustling amid the first days of 2021. Tesla owner-investor @ray4tesla shared photos of one local showroom teeming with people surveying Tesla’s vehicles, including the Model Y.

Tesla China’s official Weibo announced Giga Shanghai’s Model Y sales had started in January. “All models of Model Y are equipped with all-wheel drive as standard, bringing better handling experience; larger space, panoramic glass roof…up to 1.9 meters of storage space,” read Tesla China’s post on the local social media platform. 

Recently, Tesla China announced that the Model Y Dual motor AWD variant would start at ¥339,900 (about $52,000) while the Model Y Performance now starts at ¥369,900 (about $56,600). Initially, Tesla China’s Model Y prices were expected to be ¥488,000 (about $74,600) for the Dual Motor AWD variant and ¥535,000 (about $81,800) for the Performance version. 

(Credit: Tesla/Weibo)

According to Statista, SUV sales have been steadily increasing in the Chinese car market for the last decade. In a report published on December 2020, a chart revealed that local SUV sales accounted for approximately 43.62% of the entire Chinese vehicle market. With the Model X and now the Model Y, Tesla has carved a path for itself in that market.

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Tesla China Model Y attracts flocks of customers in local showrooms
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