Tesla China vehicle registrations rebound in February’s third week

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Tesla China saw more insurance registrations in the week ending February 25, 2024 compared to the previous two weeks. This was partly due to the Chinese New Year holiday, which brought a general drop in the country’s vehicle registrations. 

Tesla China does not report its weekly sales figures, though a general idea of the company’s weekly performance can be inferred through insurance registrations. Fortunately, industry watchers and local EV makers such as Li Auto have taken it upon themselves to share China’s weekly vehicle registration figures. 

As noted in a report from CNEV Post, Tesla China saw 8,200 registrations over the February 5-18 period. As per the publication, these results suggest that Tesla China saw about 13,500 vehicle registrations from February 1-18, 2024. 

And in the week of February 19-25, Tesla China’s vehicle registrations rose to 10,800 units, a 31.7% increase from the 8,200 vehicles that were registered over the February 5-18 period. These results also suggest that from the start of the month until February 25, the electric vehicle maker saw 24,300 new vehicle registrations in China. 

Tesla China sold a total of 71,447 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in January, though this number included cars that were exported abroad. From this number, which was posted by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), a total of 39,881 were sold in the domestic Chinese market, and 31,556 were exported to foreign territories. 

Considering Tesla China’s low domestic vehicle sales in the February 5-18, 2024 period, there seems to be a fair chance that the electric vehicle maker’s exports in the month would be substantial once more. Tesla does seem to be putting in some effort to make its vehicles more attractive to local customers, however, as the company has rolled out a number of incentives, such as price cuts, to attract buyers. 

Tesla China’s growth is propelled by the output of Gigafactory Shanghai, the company’s largest factory by volume. As per Tesla’s Q4 and FY 2023 Update Letter, Giga Shanghai currently has an estimated annual output of over 950,000 vehicles, making it one of the world’s most productive automotive plants. 

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Tesla China vehicle registrations rebound in February’s third week
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